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Automatic, Simple & Smart

The Bass Brushing technique is widely recommended by dentists, but few people will fully follow this method in their daily teeth brushing. Do you really brush twice per day, for at least 2 minutes or tilt the brush head to a 45° angle?

Probably not. And what's even more concerning, 90% of gum and dental diseases - such as periodontitis and gingivitis- are caused by improper brushing methods.

A breakthrough in the dental world! CHIIZ utilizes upon sonic technology and optimal brushing methods to provide you clinical quality oral care with just a single bite, without any hands necessary. Get your teeth sparkling clean in just 30 seconds!

  • With a single bite, CHIIZ will brush automatically for 30 seconds.
  • The U-shape design provides your teeth with 360° degree coverage.
  • CHIIZ utilizes sonic technology in creating 25,000 gentle, but effective, brush strokes per minute.

Space-age toothbrush promises to clean your gnashers in 30 seconds flat!

Digital Trends

Reinventing the good old toothbrush seems to be an obsession for many inventors out there, and CHIIZ is the latest gadget designed to brushing on its head.

New Atlas

CHIIZ's New automatic sonic-powered toothbrush revolutionizes dental hygeine.

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